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the full stack web developer who loves to ...

Play Soccer

Danny may be a code geek, but he still loves to get outside and kick around the football. Soccer is definitely the best sport in the world, and yes, MLS will (someday) be a legitimate league.

Write Code

Coding has become a passion and a hobby. When Danny isn't writing software for his day job, he's working on different pet projects, playing around with new technologies, or making a website for somebodys sister-in-law.

Play Music

In high school Danny taught himself how to play guitar. Now he records and produces his own songs. Despite Danny's age, he's a HUGE Beatles fan. Some of his other inspirations are Thievery Corporation, Tycho, Air, Zero 7 and Massive Attack.

Danny's Projects

here's some stuff he's been working on.

Voyent, Inc.

Cloud Consultants

Command Center

Rights Management Platform

Danny Bushkanets

Bagel Works

Neighborhood Bagel Shop

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Virtual Over-Protective Mom


Stock Research Tool

Daniel Bushkanets Portfolio

Github Discovery

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Fitness Tracking

Danny's Timeline

once upon a time there was a young man...

  • December 2013

    Danny's First Day At School

    Danny began the Web Development Immersive program at General Assembly in New York City. It was a 12-week intensive bootcamp that covered Unix CL, Ruby, Javascript, HTML/CSS and SQL. The course focused on learning Ruby on Rails Framework and Backbone, but primarily targeted teaching core development concepts and problem solving techniques that made Danny the developer he is today.

  • March 2014

    The Harry Fox Agency

    2 weeks before graduation, Danny secured himself a job at The Harry Fox Agency, a music company, working in a LAMP environment hosted on Amazon Web Services. With no experience in PHP, Danny picked it up very quickly and learned to work with Code Igniter and Laravel frameworks as well as learn the intracies of the linux (CentOS, Ubuntu) environment.

  • April 2015

    Head of Slingshot Development

    After creating a brand new royalty processing engine (as well as other applications), responsible for maintaining, processing, and distributing money off of hundreds of millions of lines of incoming data, Danny has been given the opportunity to design and build-out the rest of HFA's rights management suite of services dubbed Slingshot.

  • November 2015

    Web Developer

    Embarking on a new chapter, Danny found himself a new gig working with some really talented people at Lawline.com. Focusing on working with some new toys, Laravel 5 and Angular.js at the helm with some overlap in Elasticsearch, Jenkins, Nginx and AWS, is blasting Danny into the forefront of modern web development.

  • May 2016

    Lead Developer of Lawline

    After six months, Danny proved that he is not just about creating features, but also concerned with the direction, vision and operations of the tech department by receiving this leadership position. Further down the line, the core leadership team of the company, which included the CEO, VP of Customer Experience, VP of Content and few others, was expanded to include Danny to discuss higher level planning and execution for the company as a whole.

  • October 2017

    Senior Web Developer

    Leaving the country, Danny went on a journey to work remotely for Planned Parenthood while traveling the world. With PPFA, Danny worked as the sole engineer to construct a HIPAA compliant health care administration platform that coincides with a mobile app to better serve patients by administering health care via a mobile device. This application included functionality for clinicians to handle e-visits, prescribe medication, medical billing and insurance, reporting and internal/external messagining in real time. Further down the line, Danny found himself working on the API as well to help push new features out and help organize and implement design patterns and modern development practices.

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Danny's Skills

languages, frameworks, libraries, databases, operating systems, and more

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